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Are You Spending Time With Your Family Or Working Your Life Away?

Singapore is really one place that I notice that people really work most of their time and life away… working real hard so that their lifestyles can be better than before or that they can have a more comfortable retirement… the other reasons that are more realistic are that bills have to be paid and mouths have to be fed…

Though I agree that working or slogging our life away is something that is really unavoidable… the other area that I really feel that is unavoidable is spending quality time with the family – be it that you are single, married with or without children!

Though this act of spending time with your family should come naturally from within… but there are still some who prefer to know they should do so and I have thought of some valid reasons why they must do it! If you have your own reasons, please feel free to share them as well!

As You Are Working Hard… Your Parents Are Getting Older

And soon they will no longer be around to spend time (however you want it) or they may just reach a stage whereby all they can remember is when you are still a young kid (if you get what I mean)…

Till the day that some longevity pill gets invented… time gets passing by and people get older. No matter what is the current relationship with your parents, remember that they are still the one who have brought you into this earth and provided whatever you need to be able to do what you are doing now…

Take some personal time out, put aside any grudges if you have and especially your mobile gadgets, and take a closer look at your parents – hold their hands (notice the wrinkles and the roughness) if you like and ask them how they are! You can even whisper a simple thank-you just to show a little of your appreciation.

Have a simple meal or a short outing no matter how tight your work schedule can be… because you will never know how much time you have left. Do not have any regrets and hope that you can return to the past! If you have such opportunities now, seize it and cherish it!

As You Are Working Hard… Your Siblings Have Their Own Lives To Take Care Of

If you have siblings (younger or older), think of the past, the quality time and the growing experiences that you may have with them as you grow up! Good or bad… it really doesn’t matter!

Society has taught us to be more independent but it is always a good idea to have your loved ones close by… when there’s any emergency, you know that you have someone who is close to you that you can turn to!

You and your siblings can have your own families to take care of but that doesn’t mean that each side cannot be close and children from both sides cannot get together.

Make efforts (even if it is to be your own initiative) to organize time for gatherings at the siblings’ level or at your parents’ level. Get this done or else as the distance between you and your siblings gets wider… the next time you see them on the streets will be just a smile, hi and bye!

As You Are Working Hard… Remember Your Partner Too!

Do you go to bed every night… only to see your partner already asleep or both of you just get glued to your mobile gadgets whenever you are free and there’s no proper conversations… if that’s really the case, it’s time for a change especially if you cherish each other!

If you feel that there seems to be nothing to talk about, think back at how both of you developed this relationship (the courtships period) and how you both decided to tie the knot… or think back of the places, foods and adventures both of you have taken and relive it once again – and not till both of you are at your Retirement Age! You can also take this chance to develop an exercise regime with your partner!

As You Are Working Hard… Your Children Are Growing Up

If you have children and they are still young… take my advice and do not miss their childhood! Do not wait till they can think for themselves and you try to become part of their lives… most of the time, it’s really too late!

Learn to be a Hero and Teacher to them while they are young… be there when they take their first walk or when they speak their first word… be there when they have their first fall too… you have to do it because these are all precious memories and experiences for you as a parent – miss it and you will never have that chance!

As You Are Working Hard… You Are Getting Old Too!

In the midst of working hard… are you looking out for yourself too? Have you taken a look at the mirror and see how much weight you may have put on and how tired you are… how about those white hair or how thin your hair is… Your priorities do not have to include your family alone and you can include yourself in it as well! Learn to balance your personal and work life – take some time out, see the world outside, pamper yourself with whatever you like or desire!

Reassess Your Priorities Today!

If you are one of those who are looking for reasons to reassess your priorities and to spend time with your family or even yourself… I hope what I have shared in this blog post are some valid reasons that you can consider today! If you are going to do it, then do it fast!

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