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Cancer Finds Anyone That Is Young Or Old, Rich Or Poor

If you have ever thought that you are healthy (eat well, sleep well, exercise well) and you will be free from any form of illnesses and you do not need to have any health or life insurance to cover yourself… think again… I have just realized that one of my healthy friends have just contracted early stages of cancer but he is on the way to recovery because of early detection and after going through chemotherapy cycles.

Cancer Finds Just About Anybody

This is a hard fact that you cannot simply avoid! This form of illness will find just about anybody – regardless of age, health and financial status. You can be 100% conscious of your health or fitness level but you can never 100% avoid it if it ever does come knocking at your door. Though it is still as important to be health conscious, it does pay to have more attention that you are always financially prepared (be it now or in the future) to handle such situation!

Why It Matters To Be Financially Prepared

Understood from my friend that once you know there are signs of contracting it, it is going to be a toll financially…  from a simple pain in a particular body area  to the stage of convincing yourself to see a doctor to get a proper diagnose that is already the beginning of a financial nightmare – you have to pay (and keep paying) to go for medical tests after medical tests just to confirm the status.

Once you have confirmed that its not a good sign, you have to speak to a specialist to diagnose the stage at which you may be in and to start arranging for advance medical treatments and screenings. The road to recovery is there but the reality of life is that you have to pay to go through it. Meanwhile if you are working for a living, this road to recovery will have some effects on it as well – because of the treatments involved, you will be too tired to work, so most probably you have to put yourself on long (paid and unpaid) medical leave…

How To Get Yourself Prepared For Any Health Situation

#1 You Need To Exercise

Life is just not about working and working. If you have been a working addict or a couch potato, make some change  today! Involve some form of exercise in your daily lifestyle. It can be a simple long walk to some engagement in sport activities. As long as you are able to break into sweat and get your heart beating faster than usual, you are off to a good start.

#2 You Cannot Avoid Insurance

Regardless of how you hate insurance or how much you hate the fact that some insurance agents are making a lot of money out from promoting insurance, you will still need insurance to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances. If there’s the bare minimum plans for me to recommend – they have to be the Health Insurance that covers medical bills and medical treatment costs and a Term Insurance Plan with some form of Critical Illness coverage. The amount to be covered can be in a factor (3 – 5 times) of your annual income because an average person may take this amount of time to fully recover from the whole ordeal.

#3 You Need To Have Some Emergency Savings

Any valid claims from your insurance plans may not reach you that fast as there’s always this process of claiming that everyone has to go through. So meanwhile, it is a good idea to set aside some emergency savings that will tide you through the initial (and tough) period. It is advisable to have at least 6 months of your monthly income ready at any point of time.

#4 You Have To Be Mentally Strong

If you do ever face such health ordeal, you need to be mentally strong at all times. You do need to know that this is not the end of everything. Medical Treatment is there and available therefore you may need to convince yourself to go through it. You will also need to have the support of your friends and family members to help you along. Sometimes its the state of the mind that determines the chances of recovery!

#5 You Must Not Disregard Any Pain

It does pay to be more attentive to any form of pain that you may have at any times if it’s persistent. A proper medical diagnosis can help to detect any abnormalities at the earliest stage where medical treatment can be started and the chances of recovery is definitely the highest.

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