Are You Spending Time With Your Family Or Working Your Life Away?

Singapore is really one place that I notice that people really work most of their time and life away… working real hard so that their lifestyles can be better than before or that they can have a more comfortable retirement… the other reasons that are more realistic are that bills have to be paid and […]

Good To Have A Financial Planner Who Has A Little Medical Background/Knowledge

I do not know whether your Financial Planner knows anything about medical conditions but personally I would think that it’s good that any Financial Planner, who is serious in this financial planning career, to have a little medical background (or at least know how and where to get more information) when it comes to providing […]

Private Shield Plans’ Premiums Have Increased – What To Do About It?

If you have yet to notice… premiums for most (or all) private medical shield plans have increased along with the introduction of new benefits under the Medishield Plan administered by the CPF Board. Some of those whom I know: – Expected It And Accepted It Unwillingly (since this is an Important Insurance Plan to have […]

How To Save A Little Money From Your Insurance Premiums

Here’s a little money saving tip if you are looking to get your life insurance plans anytime soon (this tip is also applicable if you are currently paying your insurance premiums every month) and the insurance plans include those of Whole Life, Term, Endowment Plans and not do not include those Investment-Linked Plans (ILPs). And […]

Welcome The Year 2013 By Becoming Wealthier And Healthier

It’s the time of the year again where you and I recall what we have done wrong, what we have done well and what we could have done better… In a short moment’s time… we will be saying good bye to the year 2012 and welcoming the year 2013! As Usual… Some Questions To Ask […]

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