Save Money On Your Car Insurance Premiums When You Compare Quotes

If you have been paying high (and increasing) premiums for your Car Insurance and you have been thinking on how to save money on it… do you know that there are more than 5 Car Insurance Companies that you can get a quote from and do a comparison from? And you can basically save quite […]

What To Know About Resale Endowment Policies

If you are interested in Endowment Insurance Policies because you do not need to monitor (unlike investing or with ILPs), it “forces” you to commit to saving for a certain number of years (and you get to enjoy an average return of 3-5% per annum) but you do not like the idea of saving it […]

My Insurance Android App – Insurance Returns V1.3

If you have downloaded my Insurance Android App – Insurance Returns, a very big thank you and I hope that the App has provided you some form of benefits in understanding the insurance rate of returns of any regular savings plan and single premium savings plan! What Can The Insurance Returns App Do For You […]

The Importance Of Having A Personal Accident Plan In Your Insurance Portfolio

Do you have a Personal Accident Plan included in your insurance portfolio? If not, do you know that you may not be adequately covered in certain aspects of your Financial Planning? Recently I had two prospects coming to me, asking me if I could help them with their recent medical bills resulting from an accident. […]

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