Total and Permanent Disability And That Plan Called ElderShield

When you buy any life insurance plan, the basic benefits are that you are covered against Death and Total and Permanent Disability. So do you what does this insurance term – Total and Permanent Disability – mean to you? The General Definition of Total And Permanent Disability (TPD) It would practically mean that the loss […]

It’s Either You Understand ILPs Or You Don’t

Do you know what’s Investment-Linked Plans (ILPs)? Whatever the case is, this plan can either help you to make your money work real hard and make you smile or totally dry up your money (suffer a loss) and leave you cursing (at the company or the Planner). I am writing this post with great disheartening […]

What You Need To Know Of Your Whole Life Protection Plan

You may have owned or intending to get a Whole Life Protection Plan, but with so many different features and benefits out in the market, how do you make sure you are getting the best deal? Basic and Optional Benefits Offered By A Whole Life Protection Plan: Basic Insurance coverages against Death (any causes), Total […]

Are You For Or Against Insurance?

Today I had a chance to do a review for a client on her Hubby’s Two Insurance Policies bought in the Year of 2001. (note, at the juncture of reviewing, I only thought this is just purely understanding what the policies are all about… read on…) Let’s see what the Hubby had bought in 2001: […]

Which Is Better – Endowment or Investment-Linked Savings Program?

Everybody is greatly encouraged to save for their future, and one of the common methods of saving wisely is to start a saving program with an Insurance Company. Traditional Endowment And Revolution To Investment-Linked Plans An insurance savings program is nothing uncommon and if I can guess correctly, somewhere, somehow, some time back, your parents […]

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