What Are CFDs (Based On My One Week Experience)

A week ago, I decide to sign up for a Demo Account with a Local Trading Firm to try out CFD (also known as Contract For Difference) Trading for some of the Stocks in Singapore. I have some experience (learning still in progress) with buying stocks so I would like to try out this new […]

How To Save Money On Planning For A Holiday Trip

From my conversations with friends, I can safely say that one of the best way to release stress (and to get away from work) is to go on a Holiday Trip! It is also one of the best reasons to spend all the hard-earned money (in a good way)! I will definitely agree that going […]

How To Prepare For An Emergency

No one wants to think about the unexpected, but bad things can happen and in the unfortunate event that one does, you or your loved ones want to be in a situation where you’re prepared to focus all of your energy on the matter at hand and not be worrying about paperwork or time off […]

Why Is It Important For You To Nominate If You Have Assets

If you have assets (e.g. whole life insurance, term insurance, savings deposits, etc) that you have intention to leave for certain someones (in mind) instead of having to go through the proper estate proceedings, it’s always good to do up (as soon as possible) your own Nomination either through a proper Nomination Form provided by […]

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