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Check Out This Resource Site For Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Just came across this resource site – and if you are looking for some information on the best balance transfer credit cards, you may wish to check out this article to explore further.

What Happened When You Have A Balance On Your Credit Card

Having a Credit Card can be a good and a bad Financial Instrument Tool. Those who have it can make good use of it to enjoy discounts on certain purchases or other shopping benefits that you may not be able to enjoy when you make purchases with cash. But those who have it but do not know how to control their spending may end up having a balance coupled with high interest rate that will affect their finances and even their future lifestyles and families…

And if you are having such issues with clearing these balances… it’s good to have some alternatives like what I have just checked out – balance transfer credit cards. And if you like to know how this works you can click on the link above to understand better.

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GiftRocket Can Help You If You Are Looking Into Gift Cards

If you or your friends have ever shopped at grocery places like Safeway, you will definitely know of its Safeway Gift Cards or have even received one of it. If you like the idea of Gift Cards, you will definitely start to like the concept behind GiftRocket.

Why Gift Cards Can Help Each Other To Save Money

Personally I like the idea behind Gift Cards, which are similar to Gift Vouchers as well. And it is a good way to use this as a form of gifting, without having to feel the awkwardness of giving cash directly.

It is also a good way for each other to save money because your gift card can help the receiving party to buy things that they need without having to pay out of their own pockets. Similarly, for you, you get to gift based on your personal budget and without having to be subjected to paying extra. For example, if you know that your friend is interested in an item that’s like $29 but your budget is like $20… so instead of paying the full $29 for your friend, you can provide a gift card of $20 as a surprise and your friend can jolly well top up the rest to buy what he/she needs.

How GiftRocket Can Help You With Your Idea Of Giving Away Gift Cards

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Here’s Another Two Books To Help You With Stock Trading In 2012

If one of your goals for the new year is to educate yourself in the area of Stock Trading, here are two books written by local group of writers which you can get as part of your learning guides.

These two books are:

1. Mark Lin’s Secrets Of Dividend Investors

2. Victor Chng & Rusmin’s Value Investing In Growth Companies (under the guidance of Ken Chee and Clive Tan’s Millionaire Investor Program)

And if you think you can go for more knowledge, here is an old blog post that I have written back in 2010 recommending with two other books that will teach you more on the basics of stock trading

So if you think you need to know more, you can click over at the above link to explore further!

What Can You Learn From These Two Books

1. Mark Lin’s Secrets Of Dividend Investors

If you are keen to build up a portfolio of good stocks in Singapore that will pay you dividends consistently, preferably every month and would like to learn the basic strategies and concepts of doing so, this book will give you a set of guidelines that you can follow.

And if you are one of those advanced traders who is keen to pick up another method of determining the Intrinsic Value of a stock that has been paying dividends consistently, you can pick up a good concept from this book as well.

2. Victor Chng & Rusmin’s Value Investing In Growth Companies

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Which Options are Worth the Extra Cash When Buying a New Car?

Buying a new car always involves more than simply choosing a make and model, signing on the dotted line and driving away. Every salesperson is going to try to press options and upgrade packages onto the sale. With technology constantly advancing, there are literally dozens of possibilities to add to a car, from the frivolous to the safety-imperative. These are some of the better choices based on resale value and safety.

Resale Value

A brand new car begins losing value the moment you drive it off the lot. A car is not considered a good investment due to steady depreciation, unless it has the rare luck of lasting long enough to become a collectible. However, there are some features that can help raise the value if you trade in or sell your car before it’s an antique. Some of the top options include:

  • Cruise Control. Most people who buy late model cars will expect cruise control, and a car without it will immediately seem dated and lose some of its value.
  • Air Conditioning. Depending on where you live, air conditioning may not truly be an option. Driving in extremely hot climates during the summertime, for example, makes it a necessity. AC is also one of the options in a car that is slowest to depreciate in value.
  • Automatic Transmission. Since automatic transmission has become all but standard equipment, stick shifts have a depreciating effect on resale value.

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