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Why We Need Sites Like To Help Us Save As We Spend

Are you crazy about online shopping and thinking of getting a new Tablet to pamper yourself? Have you checked out Circuit City which seems like a good site to buy these new gadgets? And have you checked out Dealio first, where you can get some good Circuit City promo codes to bring down the purchasing price even further?

We Can’t Avoid Online (Or Any Form Of) Shopping…

With the ease of getting onto the Internet and also the ease of buying (almost) anything online, it’s a fact that we cannot avoid online shopping any longer. From the conversation that I have with some of the working clients before, it seems like majority of them will also use shopping as a form of destressing from the daily toll of working life…

And it’s hard for Financial Planners to stop them from doing so because most of them will be guilty of that action as well. As such, what we can usually do are to advise on ways to budget out their spending so that they still have enough to plan on their financial needs. Thus with the excess savings, they can just spend on doing what most like – shopping (in any form)!

The Enticement Of Online Shopping – Discounts

One good reason why online shopping is popular is because of Discounts. Many major brands have created their own online stores and will entice anyone who visits the site to join their newsletter and bombard them with numerous discounts (and they must redeem within a short time frame) through the emails.

Therefore there are times when a Want suddenly becomes a Need because of such enticement and there is a strong urge to get it before anyone else. Should the item they want be sold out, some would just try to get the alternatives through other online stores…

That’s Why We Need Online Services Like Dealio To Help Us Save Further

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A Relook Into With Regards To Loans

With the property market a very hot topic now, along with it comes with many questions especially from first time buyers with regards to loans, e.g. pre approved loans, refinanced loans and etc.

And because I am not from Banks, it’s very hard for me to give them a proper answer, so I decide to relook back into a site that I have previously came across and reviewed as well –

CreditSesame Gives Quite A Good Overview Of What Refinancing of Loan Is All About

Because of the lack of availability of its tools in Singapore, I cannot take advantage of what CreditSesame can offer, but once you are over at that site, it does give you a good overview of:

– What is Refinance

– The Benefits of Refinancing

– How It Works

There’s even an overview of a typical Refinance Process which I believe is applicable to most banking institutions (even for those in Singapore)

But if you can create an account with CreditSesame and make use of the services, you can consider using it to help you find the best mortgage rates and help you to save big as well.

Why Refinancing Your Loan Is A Good Idea

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If You Are Into Shopping, Always Do It With Sites Like

Have you started to use discounts and coupons sites like and to help you in saving more money in your shopping? If not, read on to see why you would need such sites especially if you do online shopping.

Creating More Budget For Your Financial Planning

If you are serious about your Financial Planning, you would know an important factor in doing well, is to have enough Budget.

And to have more Budget than before, a common area is to look into your daily expenses and seeing how to reduce them in a sensible manner, without affecting your inner feelings (the urge to ask yourself if it’s worth doing all this).

For most people’s daily expenses would definitely include some form of shopping – either going online or to the shopping mall. And to enjoy the moments of shopping and yet not hurting your pockets, would be to do it at times when there’s discounts!

So what happen when there’s no discount but you have the urge to do some shopping to enjoy some ‘therapy’?

Though you can’t demand shopping malls to have discounts for you, there’s always the online shopping malls that you can turn to and the Coupons and Discounts Site like, e.g.

If you have been doing a lot of online shopping but not been using sites like to give you more discounts, it’s never too late to explore such avenue.

So How Do Sites Like Work?

In simple terms, displays the best deals you can find on those online shopping sites without you going to each of these sites on its own.

For example, if you head over to, you will be able to see discounts and coupons like:

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15 Signs That You Are Going To Have Credit Card Debt Issues

Are You Holding On To Any Credit Cards?

(Image courtesy of LotusHead of

If so, have you been making payments (in full especially), for your credit purchases, on time?

If you are not and just making the payments for the bare minimum and having signs that you are going to default the next few payments, then these are some signs that you are going to have Credit Card Debt Issues!

The Problems Associated With Credit Card Debts

With all the perks offered for having Credit Cards, there’s also the negative side to having them especially if you are one of those who have issues making full settlement on time. Time also has a part to play because of the existence of the interest rate and this interest rate is compounding!

To have an interest rate compounding on your outstanding debts can be quite scary in the long run… Imagine just have a debt of $1,000 and an annual 24% per annum Finance Charge imposed on this amount. And there’s the common practice of using 2% (24% divided by 12 months) per month to compound.

So your actual outstanding loan per month will be like this:

  • First Month $1,000 + $1,000 x 2% = $1,020
  • Second Month = $1,040.40
  • Third Month = $1,061.21
  • Fourth Month = $1,082.43
  • Fifth Month = $1,104.08
  • Sixth Month = $1,126.90
  • Seventh Month = $1,149.44
  • Eighth Month = $1,172.43
  • … Twelfth Month = $1,269.07

From the mere of $1,000, the debt grew to $1,269.07 at the end of a year. And what I have shown you is just a simple illustration of a small loan debt (is your usual debt usually this small?) and that you are not going to make any further credit card purchases (is it possible? are you able to avoid the temptation?).

Along with a growing Debt, there’s also the other problems like:

  • Your Credit Score being affected – you may not be able to take up loans in the future (even if it’s a time of emergency)
  • Your Savings Affected (together with your Financial Objectives) – if you do not get out of this situation fast, your long-time savings may get used up fast, resulting in you not achieving your Financial Objectives.
  • No Peace Of Mind – just think of the number of letters you will be receiving for late bill repayment or even personal calls checking on your financial situations.
  • Lifestyle Affected – at times like this, you may find it hard to ask for loans from your friends or family. It’s not their fault. They do have their own financial commitments.

If you do not wish to be facing such issues, you must be aware of these:

15 Clear Signs That You Are Going To Face A Credit Card Debt Issue

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