How’s Your Gut View On All Your Investments?

How’s your Gut View On All Your Investments? Do you know that there are two kinds of investors out there in the market and these two different types of character will actually determine if you can make money in investments in the long run. So who are they? Note: The kind of investment I am […]

What You Need To Know Between Policy Loan and Bonus Encashment?

Times are bad, your hands are tight and all your savings account don’t seem to generate enough interest for you… How… You may ask… If you should turn to a local financial institution for a personal loan, the interest may kill you with time, should you be unable to repay them back in time. For […]

Current Crisis? Any Crisis? Always An Opportunity!

There is crisis in the financial market! People are losing faith in banks and insurance companies. People are stopping their insurance policies and are less open to the idea of planning for their future. A lot of people in the financial services line may lose their job anytime. Banks are working hard to salvage the […]

The Impact Of Current Inflation On Your Future Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered “why the poor gets poorer, and the richer gets richer?” I have been pondering on this question for the last few days after going through some financial planning with some clients. Many of these clients, whom I have the privilege to do their financial planning, come from low to middle-income earners. […]

Do You Want To Know What’s Your Money Worth in Twenty Years Time?

If you have $5,000 today, do you want to know how much will this money have grown in 20 years time if you save in a Bank? One of the tools, that I have commonly used to illustrate the Power of Compounding Effects, is one that our CPF Board has provided. You can access this […]

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