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For Any Latest Financial Products, There’s Always Qotion

I was planning to post this yesterday with all the interest rates for savings and fixed deposits being offered by all the local banks but after going through just one of the banks, I realize something…

By the time I consolidated all the data here and present to you, some of my rates, especially for the fixed deposits area, could already be outdated. Not fresh means not beneficial to you.

That’s why I kept this post till today, after I have dug through my memory banks and done my search on Google – and I will like to present to you a good website to turn to for the latest financial products –

If my memory never fails me, Qotion was set up back in 2006 with their initial offerings of the various Credit Cards available in the market. I was promoting a credit card affiliate program for the US market back then, so while testing out my competitors on Google, I came upon this wonderful website.

Now in 2008, Qotion has more to offer. They have now expanded to share all the latest offerings and rates for:

This site is definitely interesting! If you need some information to increase your financial knowledge, there is a small section to explore as well. If you need more, there’s always my site to turn to, right?

For me, I will know that whenever I need to get a quote or to make comparison on some of the products (even on the latest mobile plans) and rates, I do not need to multi-surf all the banks’ website, take notes and make the comparison. With Qotion, all the information you need is laid out in a simple and concise manner.

This will definitely save you and me a lot of time and efforts!

A small note is that, in order to explore the various rates and products, you need to sign up as a member. Membership is free!

To explore the site today, simply click on the banner below and may you save and grow your money!


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