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High Blood Pressure – The Silent Killer To Your Health And Insurance

Do you know that most Singaporeans do not know that they are having High Blood Pressure or Hypertension till they have:

Gone through a first-time ever Routine Medical Health Check

– Experienced those frequent dizziness or headaches and decided to see a doctor

And the people suffering from it can be from all walks of life, e.g.

– you can be  healthy and fit but you are working under a stressful environment.

– because of the high intake of alcohol, salt (unknowingly) and fatty rich food as part of the daily meals

These are just two common reasons that my clients have shared with me for their cause of High Blood Pressure.

Do you also know…

Do you also know that once you have this condition, you are most likely going to be under a very long term medication and you have to be under a lower medication dosage even if the condition is stabilized. In other words, you cannot take yourself out of medication once you are diagnosed with High Blood Pressure!

A Concern To Take Note Of

And if you do know that you are having high blood pressure and under medications, its impact on your Financial Planning will usually be:

loading (extra premiums required and usually a minimum of 25% extra) for your normal life insurance application

exclusion (any conditions leading from high blood pressure) for your health insurance application

long term medication costs that you need to factor in to your Retirement Planning

The So-Called Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

Personally, I have not came across any to be suffering from the symptoms of High Blood Pressure as most of them would be told to watch out for their diet, take note of their stress level or to be under some form of medications straight away. They were also be told to go back for regular checks for monitoring purposes.

There are some medical sites that will share with you that High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is one of the major risk factors for coronary heart disease and stroke.

If the condition is left untreated, it can also cause heart and renal failure.

And according to the statistics provided by the Ministry of Health website:

Under the Top 10 Conditions Of Hospitalization:

Under The Principal Causes Of Death:

And the Percentage of The People (aged 18 to 69) Suffering From It:

And just by looking at the statistics, this condition is something that you need to take note of today before it starts affecting your daily lifestyle and your Financial Planning Process.

How To Take Control Of Your Health Today And Keep Hypertension Away

If you do not wish to be affected by High Blood Pressure, here’s some four tips for you to help you to take control:

  1. A Healthy Diet. Singapore is known to be a place of good food and it’s really hard to resist. But for your health’s sake, a healthy diet is a good start. Try to cut down on food that’s high in cholesterol and rich in saturated fats. Try to take more fruits and vegetables and cut down on those salty food.
  2. Exercise. Try to incorporate some form of exercises into your hectic lifestyle. This will help you to control your weight and relieve your work stress.
  3. Watch Your Weight. Those who are heavy are known to have high chances of Hypertension, so it would be wise to keep your weight within the desirable range.
  4. Relax. Learn to take it easy and relax from your hectic workload. Learn to take a balance between your work and family.

The Benefits Of Having A Healthy Body

Like I mentioned, having a healthy body that’s free of any medical conditions has a lot of benefits to your Financial Planning, for instance,

  1. Keeping the costs of insurance low – avoiding those exclusions or loadings
  2. Having more to spend on – spend only the bare necessary for your insurance planning and having more excess to spend on what you need and want
  3. Able to plan and enjoy well for your Retirement – with more to spend and a healthy body to enjoy at the same time, you can be sure that your Retirement will be a good one!

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