Current Crisis? Any Crisis? Always An Opportunity!

There is crisis in the financial market! People are losing faith in banks and insurance companies. People are stopping their insurance policies and are less open to the idea of planning for their future. A lot of people in the financial services line may lose their job anytime. Banks are working hard to salvage the […]

Financial Planning Tip #2: Learn How To Set A Budget

One of the common statements that most of my clients will put in front of me, when I would to suggest them to go ahead with the plans, is that they do not have the budget to support, though knowing that they need the planning. As such, my financial planning tip #2 is “Learning How […]

For Any Latest Financial Products, There’s Always Qotion

I was planning to post this yesterday with all the interest rates for savings and fixed deposits being offered by all the local banks but after going through just one of the banks, I realize something… By the time I consolidated all the data here and present to you, some of my rates, especially for […]

The Debate over Whole Life Insurance and Term Insurance

The Debate for Whole Life Insurance and Term Insurance are ever going. First and foremost, let’s understand the simple definition for each of them, then what’s the debate all about and my opinions on how to go about choosing which is the best choice for you… Whole Life Insurance A whole life insurance is normally […]

The Impact Of Current Inflation On Your Future Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered “why the poor gets poorer, and the richer gets richer?” I have been pondering on this question for the last few days after going through some financial planning with some clients. Many of these clients, whom I have the privilege to do their financial planning, come from low to middle-income earners. […]

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