How To Reach A Million Dollars When You’re 65

Been a long while since I posted something on my personal blog. Do not know if I am jinxed or what – I had a terrible in-growth toe nail, suffered an injured wrist when my brother fell on me, my sinus is back and I am recovering from a chesty cough… Medical cost for these: […]

Are You For Or Against Insurance?

Today I had a chance to do a review for a client on her Hubby’s Two Insurance Policies bought in the Year of 2001. (note, at the juncture of reviewing, I only thought this is just purely understanding what the policies are all about… read on…) Let’s see what the Hubby had bought in 2001: […]

Financial Planning Tip #1: Pay Yourself First

Financial Planning Tip #1: Pay Yourself First – Save 10% Of Your Monthly Income Singaporean’s Retirement Age has just raised from 62 to 65 with effect from 1 July 2008. This, with in sync with better science, health, medication advances, males are expected to live till 80 whereas females are expected to live till 88, […]

Which Is Better – Endowment or Investment-Linked Savings Program?

Everybody is greatly encouraged to save for their future, and one of the common methods of saving wisely is to start a saving program with an Insurance Company. Traditional Endowment And Revolution To Investment-Linked Plans An insurance savings program is nothing uncommon and if I can guess correctly, somewhere, somehow, some time back, your parents […]

Do You Want To Know What’s Your Money Worth in Twenty Years Time?

If you have $5,000 today, do you want to know how much will this money have grown in 20 years time if you save in a Bank? One of the tools, that I have commonly used to illustrate the Power of Compounding Effects, is one that our CPF Board has provided. You can access this […]

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