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Save Money On Your Car Insurance Premiums When You Compare Quotes

If you have been paying high (and increasing) premiums for your Car Insurance and you have been thinking on how to save money on it… do you know that there are more than 5 Car Insurance Companies that you can get a quote from and do a comparison from? And you can basically save quite a bit (a few hundreds can be possible) if you make a comparison first before making payments from your renewals?

Why You Need To Go Through The Hassle Of Comparing Insurance Quotes To Get A Better Rate?

It is known that in the Car Insurance Industry, not one Insurance Company can offer the best rates from all models of car (e.g. Luxury Brands like BMW or even Porsche to Household Brands like Toyota, Honda & more) and certain Insurance Companies tend to give better rates from certain brands and models due to their Claim Experiences over the years.

Therefore it is wise to make an effort to do up a comparison so that you can find the right Insurance Company that gives you the best discounted rate!

Going Beyond The Three Car Insurance Quotes

I do know of a few clients who got their Car Insurance Quotes from their Car Workshops or Showrooms where they have bought or have brought in their cars for servicing. And most of the time, these clients were given up to 3 Quotes to make comparison from when there are more than that to compare from (even on top of the two direct quotes you can get online)…

If you are thinking why you can only get maximum three quotes… this is due to the fact that these Agents (who sells only General Insurance) or Agency (who works a dual role of selling/servicing cars) can only promote up to 3 General (or Car) Insurance Companies, at each time, in their line of work. Anything beyond the 3 may have to be done through referrals (which means lesser commissions for them if you decide to buy from others or no commissions if you buy on your own).

So unless you are sure (and convinced) that the agent that you are getting the three insurance quotes is representing the insurance companies that give the best discounted insurance quotations for your car model… it is advisable that you make an effort to get all the comparisons done first.

And if you do not know how to get all the comparisons done… I can recommend that you should try out those Financial Planners that are from Financial Advisory Firms. The difference between them and the agents mentioned above is that these Financial Planners are representing more than three Life/Health Insurance and General Insurance Companies at each time so this does give you the added advantage.

But if your car insurance renewal is not more than a month away… it’s still early to get all the quotes because rates may change at times so it is advisable that you do so at least 3 weeks beforehand.

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