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Saying Good Bye To 2008 and Welcoming 2009, How Ready Are You?

2008 is gone and 2009 is just starting, and as a financial planner, how ready are you in terms of your Protection Planning, Medical Insurance Planning, Wealth Accumulation and Retirement Planning?

A handful of insurance terms but very much important to a better future for yourself!

Rumors are in and heavy that the year 2009 ahead would still be taxing to many people financially (lower income due to salary cut and rising unemployment rate) and emotionally (stress in maintaining their current job).

My Personal Feel And Opinion

The current economic condition is here to stay (whether you like it or not or how deeply affected you are now) and even if it’s gone, the similar situation will still happen many years later (could be another 10 to 14 years later). The only way out is getting prepared for it right before it hit you again.

Doing Your Planning And Preparation

Once you have done your planning, you will be glad to know that no matter what unforeseen circumstances may happen, you are always ready for it and you are well-prepared as well.

Worries like Emergency Funds should you be suddenly retrenched, Falling real sick and chalking up a huge medical bills at a bad economic period and having to use up all your life-long savings and depending on many others financially to get over the tough times  – thus affecting your Retirement will no longer be an issue!

How So? (A Look At Some Of My Favorite Posts To Help You Along…)

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As you can see, planning for a better future and getting prepared for the next recession are all about having a better understanding of what is needed to be done and get it done today and not tomorrow!

The Year 2009

If part of your new year’s resolutions is to have a better future or to get some financial planning done, let 2009 be the year to help you get started so!

Here’s wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year For 2009 and a very fruitful one as well!

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