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Cancer Finds Anyone That Is Young Or Old, Rich Or Poor

If you have ever thought that you are healthy (eat well, sleep well, exercise well) and you will be free from any form of illnesses and you do not need to have any health or life insurance to cover yourself… think again… I have just realized that one of my healthy friends have just contracted early stages of cancer but he is on the way to recovery because of early detection and after going through chemotherapy cycles.

Cancer Finds Just About Anybody

This is a hard fact that you cannot simply avoid! This form of illness will find just about anybody – regardless of age, health and financial status. You can be 100% conscious of your health or fitness level but you can never 100% avoid it if it ever does come knocking at your door. Though it is still as important to be health conscious, it does pay to have more attention that you are always financially prepared (be it now or in the future) to handle such situation!

Why It Matters To Be Financially Prepared

Understood from my friend that once you know there are signs of contracting it, it is going to be a toll financially…  from a simple pain in a particular body area  to the stage of convincing yourself to see a doctor to get a proper diagnose that is already the beginning of a financial nightmare – you have to pay (and keep paying) to go for medical tests after medical tests just to confirm the status.

Once you have confirmed that its not a good sign, you have to speak to a specialist to diagnose the stage at which you may be in and to start arranging for advance medical treatments and screenings. The road to recovery is there but the reality of life is that you have to pay to go through it. Meanwhile if you are working for a living, this road to recovery will have some effects on it as well – because of the treatments involved, you will be too tired to work, so most probably you have to put yourself on long (paid and unpaid) medical leave…

How To Get Yourself Prepared For Any Health Situation

#1 You Need To Exercise

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Health Screening Tests Can Just Save Your Life

I was just having a conversation with two friends back in my army in-camp training and one of them had just returned back to camp after attending a family member’s funeral who just passed away due to Lung Cancer. My personal condolences!

And something that I have learned from this conversation is that my friend shared that his family member went for a health check because of a certain pain in the chest and was diagnosed with last stage of lung cancer and had only three more months…

The Concerns Against Cancers

My friend’s concerns were that he feels that cancer:

– is a sudden thing

– can happen to anyone irregardless of gender, age and health status

– is undetectable and is always the last stage at the moment of detection

– there’s no much chance of recovery once you are diagnosed

and these concerns were the same as my other friend and he added that:

– even with advanced medical technologies, it’s very hard to really detect because there are too many various forms of cancer and it’s expensive to do all of these just to have a peace of mind…

After you have read about this… what’s your personal views? Do you agree as well?

If you do have these concerns as well and you are still healthy now – it’s never too late to go for regular Health Screen Tests because these tests can just help you to have a clearer understanding of your health status!

And if your concerns are against cancers, you can always include Cancer Marker Tests inside your Health Screen Checks. I got this resource page that you can make reference to >> The Cancer Cure Foundation

What Tests Are Usually Done For Health Screen Checks

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Do You Need To Get Both A Medical/Hospitalization And A Critical Illness Plan?

It’s good to notice the increased level of knowledge for insurance products (in this case – Hospitalization Plan and Critical Illness Plan) from Singaporeans. They are asking very good questions nowadays!

The Concern And The Questions

Singaporeans are starting to know the real importance of having both a Hospitalization Plan and A Critical Illness Plan as these two plans form the basis of financial planning.

But with the recent exposure in the media that one may find it hard to make a claim for cancer (during the initial stages or does not fit the definition of Major Cancers as listed in most Critical Illness Plan in the market) – Singaporeans are wondering if they should ever consider having a Critical Illness Plan in the first place!

That’s the question that they are asking themselves or me when I explain the importance of getting a Hospitalization Plan and a Critical Illness Plan together.

What You Can Learn From Actual Statistics (Ministry Of Health)

1. Top 10 Conditions of Hospitalization

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30 Critical Illnesses – #1 Killer – Major Cancers

I was going through the insurance claims list of my company and was shocked to see that majority of the claims is due to Cancer-related.

The Thing About Cancer

Photo courtesy of and alwyck

What was even shocking to know is that Cancer can come knocking at your own door, even if you are just 2 years old or 55 years old when you are reading this and also regardless of whether you like it or not!

Cancer can strike anyone! So how prepared are you?

The #1 Killer:

  • For Singapore Men is Colo-Rectum
  • For Singapore Women is Breast
  • For Singapore Children is Leukaemia

Cancer do not cause instant death and you may have to go through a few years of fighting. You either lose or win this battle! So do you have enough Critical Illnesses Insurance and Medical Insurance to last you through this?

If you are still ignorant about the effects of Cancer, there are many informative sites like the National Cancer Centre Singapore site >> (click this to read up on what Cancer is all about and its warning Signs)

What Causes Cancer?

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