Cancer Finds Anyone That Is Young Or Old, Rich Or Poor

If you have ever thought that you are healthy (eat well, sleep well, exercise well) and you will be free from any form of illnesses and you do not need to have any health or life insurance to cover yourself… think again… I have just realized that one of my healthy friends have just contracted […]

Health Screening Tests Can Just Save Your Life

I was just having a conversation with two friends back in my army in-camp training and one of them had just returned back to camp after attending a family member’s funeral who just passed away due to Lung Cancer. My personal condolences! And something that I have learned from this conversation is that my friend […]

Do You Need To Get Both A Medical/Hospitalization And A Critical Illness Plan?

It’s good to notice the increased level of knowledge for insurance products (in this case – Hospitalization Plan and Critical Illness Plan) from Singaporeans. They are asking very good questions nowadays! The Concern And The Questions Singaporeans are starting to know the real importance of having both a Hospitalization Plan and A Critical Illness Plan […]

30 Critical Illnesses – #1 Killer – Major Cancers

I was going through the insurance claims list of my company and was shocked to see that majority of the claims is due to Cancer-related. The Thing About Cancer What was even shocking to know is that Cancer can come knocking at your own door, even if you are just 2 years old or 55 years […]