Save Or Pay Debts - Which Is Better For You?

Savings Vs Paying Off Debt

Should You Save or Pay Off Your Debts? Here are some pointers for your considerations.

Check Out This Resource Site For Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Just came across this resource site – and if you are looking for some information on the best balance transfer credit cards, you may wish to check out this article to explore further. What Happened When You Have A Balance On Your Credit Card Having a Credit Card can be a good and a […]

(Read) Grow Your Money – 101 Easy Tips To Plan, Save and Invest

I have just gotten this book written by Jonathan D. Pond and have benefited much from the 101 Personal Finance Tips shared within. Benefited so much so that I wanted to copy the content within and put them down here as my future posts! Oops! And if you have not read this book yet and […]

How To Financially Prepare Yourself For 2011

2010 is coming to an end soon and we will be welcoming 2011 in around 11 days time! And before the year ends, this is a good time for you and I to look into our Financial Planning. What Are The Areas That We Can Look Into? In simple terms with regards to Financial Planning, […]

Are People Around You Living Longer Or Shorter?

Have you asked yourself this question before – Are people around you living longer or shorter? If you do not have an answer or do not wish to answer this, my suggestion is that you flip through the Straits Time and just have a glimpse at the Obituary Page. You do not have to understand […]