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Your Comments – Replies #2

I have  this comment from a Miss Cecilia Yong who asked on this blog post,

“Question on mortgage reducing insurance: what is the relationship between bread winner (person serving the property loan) and the dependant? Must is be parent-child relationship? What about husband-wife relationship? Can this suffice?”

First and foremost, thank you for visiting and reading my blog and definitely for this valuable comment! And I will try to answer this to the best of my knowledge (my answer is rather personal and there can be some legal element to this, so for better clarification, you may have to consult a lawyer and such)

Let’s first break down the question into different definitions:

1. Bread-winner: this is the general term used to describe someone who is providing the main financial income to the family. Should anything happen to this particular person, there could be some drastic financial crisis unless plans have been made beforehand.

2. Dependents: I have done up a few searches and most sites give the definition as those who depends on the so-called bread-winner for a financial income. So people who can be called dependents could be a) your parents b) possibly your grandparents c) your children d) your siblings (if in some situation, they do depend on you).

3. Mortgage Reducing Insurance: As mentioned in my post, there’s an existence of a mortgage loan between two parties – owners of a property and a Financial Institution who provides this loan. And do note in the case of a mortgage loan, it may not just be the Bread-winner being the main owner of the loan, and one can always add the names of their spouse, parents or siblings to be in the mortgage loan agreement.

Should anything happen to any of the parties as mentioned above, the remaining parties will still continue to bear the remaining loan repayment term.

And to apply for the Mortgage Reducing Term Insurance, the presence of the loan agreement must be there and this also mean that those name(s) listed in the loan agreement are allowed to get covered with the Insurance. Terms and conditions do apply (e.g. home-makers have a maximum limit in insurance coverage and may not be allowed to get covered in full – matching the actual loan)

So What Happened When There’s A Claim?

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Just How Expected Is Unexpected, Question Is – Are You Prepared Today?

After working as a Financial Planner for the last two and a half years and being able to come across many real life situations with regards to insurance death claims – I have recently witnessed two death claims whereby

  • a guy in his late 40s whom lost his dearest wife and is in a total loss and 
  • another case whereby the family is with mentally handicapped children and the wife is left with no insurance monies as the hubby has never done up any insurance coverage before…

I just have this sudden feeling to blog about this…

And I will be talking about something that most of you will not be interested to talk about – Death! Death is something that is so expected and one fine day you or I will just forget how to breathe. It’s just a matter of time as well but we do not know when is that time – that’s all.

That’s why my blogging topic is with regards to something that is so expected (it will come eventually) but yet so unexpected (you do not know when it will come), and the big question is how prepared are you today? Yesterday is gone and we are still alive and this is something good and tomorrow is still something worth looking forward to.

So should really anything happen today, how prepared are you and your family?

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