Do Singles Need Insurance?

Reasons Why Singles And With No Dependents Should Consider Insurance

4 Reasons why Singles and with No Dependents should still consider Insurance.

My Insurance Android App – Insurance Returns V1.3

If you have downloaded my Insurance Android App – Insurance Returns, a very big thank you and I hope that the App has provided you some form of benefits in understanding the insurance rate of returns of any regular savings plan and single premium savings plan! What Can The Insurance Returns App Do For You […]

The Importance Of Having A Personal Accident Plan In Your Insurance Portfolio

Do you have a Personal Accident Plan included in your insurance portfolio? If not, do you know that you may not be adequately covered in certain aspects of your Financial Planning? Recently I had two prospects coming to me, asking me if I could help them with their recent medical bills resulting from an accident. […]

You Have Bought Term But Are You Still Investing The Difference?

My colleagues and I were having a short discussion today and the topic of “Buy Term And Invest The Difference” strike us and we were asking each other the trend of most people coming to us in terms of getting a protection plan and/or a savings/investment plan. And this is what we are noticing… Buying […]

The Impact Of Current Inflation On Your Future Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered “why the poor gets poorer, and the richer gets richer?” I have been pondering on this question for the last few days after going through some financial planning with some clients. Many of these clients, whom I have the privilege to do their financial planning, come from low to middle-income earners. […]

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