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What Makes You A Good Financial Planner

What Makes You A Good Financial Planner…

I have decided to write a post on this after a personal conversation with my relative during our Chinese New Year dinner. And it was this conversation that I finally got to know the reasons why he did not engage my financial services even though he knows that I am in this career for over 4 years plus.

This post is also a reminder to myself, to any person who is inspired to be a Financial Planner or are already one – on our duties and obligations to any clients that we are attending to! Even if you are a person who believe in the benefits of insurance, you can read this post to know your rights as a client!

What Did I Gather From The Conversation?

My relative believes in the benefits of insurance and have taken up a lot of plans (and paying a lot of premiums) when he was in his working age. His neighbor happens to be starting out as a Financial Planner and also happened to be his first point of contact – as such, my relative took up all kinds of insurance that she recommends. He even recommended his colleagues and friends to support the neighbor. This lady rose up the ranks and achieved many accomplishments like MDRT.

She is retired and she has since passed on all her portfolios to her son. And her son is supposed to be the servicing agent of my relative.

My relative was well taken care of by the Lady – she responded to most of his queries and needs. But after the son took over, things changed. Whenever my relative has a question with regards to his existing policies, all he got from the new Agent is a simple few word answers. Nothing more than that. My relative wanted to file a claim but was told on the phone that it cannot be done and there’s no further explanation.

The time that my relative really hear from the new Agent is when he needs to hit his sales target and wanted the support from my relative. At that point of time, my relative is already retired but… he still supported with a 15-year Endowment Plan (when he actually wanted a Term Insurance and Health Insurance).

All these happened 6 years back and in this year itself, my relative feels that he does not really know what he has been paying. He wanted to terminate the plan but was told that the surrender value for his 6-years-old Endowment Plan is a big Zero! Of course, he was shocked to hear that and was told to keep paying… My relative does not know what other options that he can have…

And this is just a small part of his bad experiences. He related all these to me and expressed that he has been quite foolish to have committed so much yet do not know what he has bought at the end of the day. He bought because of the friendship and support for his neighbor. Now.. he is beginning to hate Insurance…

It was this conversation that really got me thinking real hard of what makes a good Financial Planner… And the five pointers below are what I feel are the duties and obligations of a good Financial Planner…

My Top Five Duties And Obligations Of A Financial Planner

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High Blood Pressure – The Silent Killer To Your Health And Insurance

Do you know that most Singaporeans do not know that they are having High Blood Pressure or Hypertension till they have:

Gone through a first-time ever Routine Medical Health Check

– Experienced those frequent dizziness or headaches and decided to see a doctor

And the people suffering from it can be from all walks of life, e.g.

– you can be  healthy and fit but you are working under a stressful environment.

– because of the high intake of alcohol, salt (unknowingly) and fatty rich food as part of the daily meals

These are just two common reasons that my clients have shared with me for their cause of High Blood Pressure.

Do you also know…

Do you also know that once you have this condition, you are most likely going to be under a very long term medication and you have to be under a lower medication dosage even if the condition is stabilized. In other words, you cannot take yourself out of medication once you are diagnosed with High Blood Pressure!

A Concern To Take Note Of

And if you do know that you are having high blood pressure and under medications, its impact on your Financial Planning will usually be:

loading (extra premiums required and usually a minimum of 25% extra) for your normal life insurance application

exclusion (any conditions leading from high blood pressure) for your health insurance application

long term medication costs that you need to factor in to your Retirement Planning

The So-Called Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

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