Do Singles Need Insurance?

Reasons Why Singles And With No Dependents Should Consider Insurance

4 Reasons why Singles and with No Dependents should still consider Insurance.

Cancer Finds Anyone That Is Young Or Old, Rich Or Poor

If you have ever thought that you are healthy (eat well, sleep well, exercise well) and you will be free from any form of illnesses and you do not need to have any health or life insurance to cover yourself… think again… I have just realized that one of my healthy friends have just contracted […]

[Recommended] Brandon Lamb’s Slash Your Spending

If you are currently looking for effective ways to cut down on the amount of money you spend and you want to make your savings account grow, Brandon Lamb’s ebook – Slash Your Spending is one that you must grab hold and read today! Why This eBook Is Recommended This is a fact that most […]

The Importance Of Having A Personal Accident Plan In Your Insurance Portfolio

Do you have a Personal Accident Plan included in your insurance portfolio? If not, do you know that you may not be adequately covered in certain aspects of your Financial Planning? Recently I had two prospects coming to me, asking me if I could help them with their recent medical bills resulting from an accident. […]

Reminder – You Do Not Get A Medical Insurance Because Of Company Rebates

This is true and sad! I just met up with a client who is urgently interested to get a medical insurance plan because the company is offering some form of cash rebates (as a form of encouragement) when any of their employees decide to “upgrade” themselves. The outcome is that I still went ahead with […]

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