Your Comments – My Replies #3

I would like to thank Marc for visiting my blog and posting his comment after his read on my posts on the importance of having Mortgage Insurance to protect a Mortgage Bank Loan. If you are interested in reading what I have written on this particular topic, these are the links: – Mortgage Insurance For […]

A Relook Into With Regards To Loans

With the property market a very hot topic now, along with it comes with many questions especially from first time buyers with regards to loans, e.g. pre approved loans, refinanced loans and etc. And because I am not from Banks, it’s very hard for me to give them a proper answer, so I decide to […]

Underwriting Requirements For Your Mortgage Insurance – Part 2 Of 3

In the first part of my Three Part Series on Mortgage Insurance, I have shared why you should consider having a Mortgage Insurance to cover your Private Housing Loan and not to wait to sell of your Property and that a Mortgage Insurance would be beneficial to you because: The Premium is the lowest as […]

Mortgage Insurance For Your Mortgage Loan – Part 1 of 3

With the recent property boom in Singapore, there’s an increment in people taking up Private Bank Loan and thus creating a concern in terms of financial planning – a need to protect the mortgage loan (and their pricey assets) should anything unforeseen happen to the Loan Owners… The Common Belief – Should Anything Happen, I Can […]