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Welcome The Year 2013 By Becoming Wealthier And Healthier

It’s the time of the year again where you and I recall what we have done wrong, what we have done well and what we could have done better… In a short moment’s time… we will be saying good bye to the year 2012 and welcoming the year 2013!

As Usual… Some Questions To Ask Yourself…

1. Are You Ready For Retirement? Surveys are done and the results are showing that Singaporeans are saving more but they are not prepared and not ready for Retirement! So are you feeling the same thing as well? If you are… are you doing anything to tackle this issue since you and I will have to retire eventually? For example, if saving rates are too low… are you looking into alternatives? If you are saving just $100 every month, are you looking into your monthly expenses and doing the necessary adjustments to allow yourself to save $50 more every month?

2. Are You Paying Attention To Your Health? Late Night, Long Hours of Working & Partying, Consumption of Alcohols and Smoking… all these affect our health in the bad way but we are fond of doing it because it sort of remove the stress of our daily life and make us feel good! So have you seen a Doctor or a Chinese Physician to get a general assessment of your health?

3. Are You Spending More Time With Your Family? For a Better Life… we exchange our precious time at work with the hope of getting a promotion or a pay raise which help to improve our standard of living. By doing so, we forgo the chances of spending precious time with our family (your parents or your partner & children). As time passes, their age also also increase… so are you missing out on the precious moments of being with them?

4. Are You Improving Yourself? There are many ways of improving oneself… like getting to learn a new skill or a new language which will be useful to us in one way or another… so have you take some time out to do so?

If you have not spent some time to reflect on yourself, these are just some of the common questions that you should be asking yourself and how you can do better in the New Year!

Some Suggestions On How To Improve Yourself In 2013

Here are some of my personal suggestions on how to improve yourself in 2013!

1. Improve Yourself With New Knowledge. I strongly encourage you and everyone else to read up more and apply whatever you can in real life (may not be applicable if you are a fiction lover but nonetheless it will still help). Since this is a Financial Blog, I would therefore encourage you to read up on Local Books relating to Investment (e.g. Value Investing, How to get started in Stocks and Property Investment). Visit your local Popular or Prologue Bookstore and you should be able to get some good books written by Local Authors with context suitable to the Singapore Environment.

2. Improve Your Health By Visiting A Chinese Physician. If you have some health issues (work related) like Indigestion, Aching Muscles or Sleeplessness… Visit a Chinese Physician (save money when you go to one across the Border) today! They can provide you with good health advice and some relief in the form of “Tui Na”. I have personally tried it for my aching neck muscles and sleeplessness and improvement is on the way!

3. Know Your Important Numbers. If you are worried about your Retirement because you do not know how much you will need… grab hold of a Financial Planner today and spend around half an hour and you should be able to get this Important Number (unique to you). This Important Number allows you to better gauge whether you are really saving enough and whether you should take some form of investment risks in 2013.

4. Spend More Time With Your Family. You can never finish your work… so rather than worrying about it… take some time off… bring your children out… arrange for a family gathering and eat with your parents… spend 10-15 minutes making a phone call to someone special in the family and you can just ask a simple “how are you today?”!

5. Avoid Those Automated Systems. Avoid those Systems that are advertised to say you will be able to quit your job and earn a five figure income each and every month just by pressing a button on their “patented or self-tested” system… 99.9% of the participants never make the money and the remaining 0.1% makes the money but to fail in the later stage… You are better off following the suggestion made for Option #1 (and you will know why these automated systems will never do what it says)

I do hope these suggestions can help to make your Year 2013 better!

Have a good Year 2013. Stay Happy! Stay Healthy! Stay Wealthy!

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