Keeping Yourself Healthy Gets To Play A Small Role In Keeping Your Health Insurance Premiums Low

Do you know that one of the small ways that you can help to possibly keep your health insurance premiums low (or unchanged) is by doing your part and keeping yourself healthy? And the more the people are aware of this and doing their part of keeping themselves healthy… the better it is in the long […]

Consumers Allowed To Purchase Insurance Directly Online – The Good & The Bad

If you are a Singaporean and have to check out this piece of news (source: ChannelNewsAsia), the Insurance Industry is going through a big change (to be implemented in early 2015) which allows Consumers to purchase insurance (protection-oriented type, e.g. Term Insurance and Whole Life Insurance Policies for now) directly online! With this big change […]

What Are The Types Of Insurance That Parents Should Buy For Children?

There are many different types of insurance plans out there in the market (e.g. whole life, term, endowment, Investment-Linked (ILP), medical and personal accident) and it can be quite overwhelming when it comes to planning for your child(ren)… If you are currently in such situation and you are looking for some form of guidance… here’s […]

The 360 Account Or The Bonus Saving Account If You Have $25,000?

If you have been checking out the local news lately, you would have noticed that one of the local bank (starting with O) has just launched a new Savings Account called the 360 Account whereby you can get up to 3.05% per year when you save and transact with the bank. Before this launch, there […]

Scale Back Your Debts Before You Retire – Don’t Let Debts Mar Your Golden Years

A very common assumption among people is that retirement is equivalent to being debt free. All your credit cards have zero balances, your home mortgage is paid off and you only have a car payment as you’ve got some amazing financing deal from the dealership. When you thought of retiring, a mortgage payments wasn’t certainly […]

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