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Financial Education

Learn From An Expert In Becoming Rich – Ramit Sethi

How do you get rich in today’s kind of society without having to take it on your own and going through all the unnecessary mistakes? If you are interested to know how, you can learn from this expert, who is also a New York Bestselling Author – Ramit Sethi.

How To Start Learning From Ramit Sethi

If you are into reading, you can actually get the book written by Ramit Sethi – “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”.

Or if you are into reading from a blog (a highly visited site with about 250,000 readers every month), you can actually head over to his blog which is updated on a regular basis – You can even subscribe to his Newsletter when you are over there. This may just be a valuable resource to you!

Why There’s A Lot To Learn From Ramit Sethi

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How To Financially Prepare Yourself For 2011

2010 is coming to an end soon and we will be welcoming 2011 in around 11 days time! And before the year ends, this is a good time for you and I to look into our Financial Planning.

What Are The Areas That We Can Look Into?

In simple terms with regards to Financial Planning, as long as it involve some form of monetary sense, it’s always good to look into. And if you like to know something concrete, here’s a list of what you can start looking into:

>> Your Financial Investments

Financial Investments would include your Investment-Linked Plans, Stocks, Shares, Unit Trusts. This can also include your investment properties (though not much changes can be done in the physical area). And basically, you will need to know with the past and present economical changes, how has it impacted your investment portfolio?

You may ask yourself these questions:

What Am I Doing These Investments For? Retirement? Mid-Term Wealth Accumulation? On Impulse? Answers to these will help you to keep track of your final objectives.

How Are My Funds Performing? As compared to end 2009 and now end 2010, how’s the performance been? Any changes needed to make sure that I am on track to my objectives?

Do I Need To Pay Particular Attention To Any Investments? This will better prepare yourself for 2011, keeping track of funds that need your most attention will make sure you will not face any last minute economical shock.

>> Review Insurance Portfolio

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Are People Around You Living Longer Or Shorter?

Have you asked yourself this question before Are people around you living longer or shorter?

If you do not have an answer or do not wish to answer this, my suggestion is that you flip through the Straits Time and just have a glimpse at the Obituary Page. You do not have to understand in details but just have a rough feel at the age of people passing on…

My personal opinion is that the answers to the above are both a yes! And the point that I want to bring across is  – Have You Planned for both situations?

What Happened When You Live Too Long…

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