Consumers Allowed To Purchase Insurance Directly Online – The Good & The Bad

If you are a Singaporean and have to check out this piece of news (source: ChannelNewsAsia), the Insurance Industry is going through a big change (to be implemented in early 2015) which allows Consumers to purchase insurance (protection-oriented type, e.g. Term Insurance and Whole Life Insurance Policies for now) directly online! With this big change […]

How’s Your Money Accounts In 2013? Welcome To 2014!

Goodbye 2013 and welcome to 2014! I hope you have enjoyed good health, planned well and increased your overall wealth in 2013! If 2013 had not been kind to you in any areas… the past is over and the new year is here… so you might just want to forget whatever has happened in the […]

Good To Have A Financial Planner Who Has A Little Medical Background/Knowledge

I do not know whether your Financial Planner knows anything about medical conditions but personally I would think that it’s good that any Financial Planner, who is serious in this financial planning career, to have a little medical background (or at least know how and where to get more information) when it comes to providing […]

My Insurance Android App – Insurance Returns

I have recently released my very own (and first) Android App and it’s called Insurance Returns. And if you have an Android Phone/Tablet (preferably those 10.1″) and you are looking for an App that can help you to calculate the compounded rate of returns for your Regular Savings Plan or Single Premium Plan, you can […]

Planning For Your Children’s University Education With A Limited Pay Endowment Plan

If you are serious in planning for your children’s University Education with an Endowment Plan, do you know that beside the traditional or usual types of plans that ask you to: Pay For ‘X’ number of years for the same ‘X’ years of coverage term Pay For ‘X-5’ number of years for ‘X’ years of […]

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