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Survivor’s Needs Planning

Mortgage Insurance Or Term Insurance For Your Mortgage Loan – Part 3 Of 3

In Part 1 of 3 of my Mortgage Insurance series, I have shared with you why you need to consider having a Mortgage Insurance to protect your Mortgage Loan and not wait till you are able to sell off the property…

And in Part 2 of 3, I have also shared why and when so to start applying for the mortgage insurance and most importantly the underwriting requirements needed for your application. If you have concern about taking a HIV test, I have also shared some pointers to go around it and lastly some basic health tips to ace your medical checks.

In this last part, I will be sharing with you, some of the common suggestions that most of my clients have when it come to their Mortgage Insurance Planning, they know they need it, but they are thinking whether to choose either a Level Term or Mortgage Reducing Term Insurance…

How To Choose Between Mortgage Reducing Term Insurance And A Level Term Insurance?

Basically there’s no right or wrong should you decide to choose either of the plan. It’s only wrong when you decide not to plan for it. But should you need some advice (from me), here’s a few pointers to consider from the two choices…

Choose Mortgage Reducing Term Insurance as first priority because:

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Questions To Discuss For Your Survivor’s Needs Planning

Nobody likes to talk about Death or the idea of being Permanent Disabled. But Death will eventually come knocking on your door when you are the least prepared. So are the chances of being Disabled.

You can be single at this moment of reading this post but you may have your dependents like your Parents.

Or you can be just starting your family or you can be already having your two little “monsters” (children) tearing you upside down but nonetheless, seeing them growing up is always a joyous moment.

While so… how prepared are you in terms of your Survivor’s Needs Planning? And what we mean by Survivor’s Needs Planning are as such, when you suddenly forgot to breathe tomorrow but still being able to:

  • (if you are single) Take care of your Parents financially for the rest of their lives
  • (if you just start a family) Take care of your Spouse or the mortgage loans for your new house
  • (if you have children) Take care of your Spouse, your children till they are independent and their university education

all this and even more without affecting their current lifestyle with you still around!

Therefore you need to ask yourself the following questions and see how prepared you are in terms of your Survivor’s Needs Planning.

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