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Here’s Another Two Books To Help You With Stock Trading In 2012

If one of your goals for the new year is to educate yourself in the area of Stock Trading, here are two books written by local group of writers which you can get as part of your learning guides.

These two books are:

1. Mark Lin’s Secrets Of Dividend Investors

2. Victor Chng & Rusmin’s Value Investing In Growth Companies (under the guidance of Ken Chee and Clive Tan’s Millionaire Investor Program)

And if you think you can go for more knowledge, here is an old blog post that I have written back in 2010 recommending with two other books that will teach you more on the basics of stock trading

So if you think you need to know more, you can click over at the above link to explore further!

What Can You Learn From These Two Books

1. Mark Lin’s Secrets Of Dividend Investors

If you are keen to build up a portfolio of good stocks in Singapore that will pay you dividends consistently, preferably every month and would like to learn the basic strategies and concepts of doing so, this book will give you a set of guidelines that you can follow.

And if you are one of those advanced traders who is keen to pick up another method of determining the Intrinsic Value of a stock that has been paying dividends consistently, you can pick up a good concept from this book as well.

2. Victor Chng & Rusmin’s Value Investing In Growth Companies

If you like to learn about the concept of Value Investing and applying them into Growth Companies (companies that have been identified by investors to have great positive growth potentials, e.g. around 20 – 40% returns from your stock investments), you will find that this book will be a great read!

Similarly, this book provides you with the basic concept on what you need to learn about value investing and why you need to consider this investment strategy to providing you with specific guidelines that you can use in your stock research.

Do Not Get These Books If You Are…

… not into doing research for your stocks. These two books do not provide or recommend you with a list of stocks to buy  in 2012 but rather a sensible approach that you can take in 2012 to choose your stocks wisely.

I have personally learned over the years that buying stocks merely by following the masses or following the latest news (when the excitement has already taken place) will not help your investment money to have any growing potential. Having a set of stock analysis skills (through learning from the many other stock gurus and traders) can help you to pick up those stocks before the actual excitements kick in!

Therefore if you are ready to make changes in your investment strategies in 2012, do remember to include these two book resources!

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