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Health Screening Tests Can Just Save Your Life

I was just having a conversation with two friends back in my army in-camp training and one of them had just returned back to camp after attending a family member’s funeral who just passed away due to Lung Cancer. My personal condolences!

And something that I have learned from this conversation is that my friend shared that his family member went for a health check because of a certain pain in the chest and was diagnosed with last stage of lung cancer and had only three more months…

The Concerns Against Cancers

My friend’s concerns were that he feels that cancer:

– is a sudden thing

– can happen to anyone irregardless of gender, age and health status

– is undetectable and is always the last stage at the moment of detection

– there’s no much chance of recovery once you are diagnosed

and these concerns were the same as my other friend and he added that:

– even with advanced medical technologies, it’s very hard to really detect because there are too many various forms of cancer and it’s expensive to do all of these just to have a peace of mind…

After you have read about this… what’s your personal views? Do you agree as well?

If you do have these concerns as well and you are still healthy now – it’s never too late to go for regular Health Screen Tests because these tests can just help you to have a clearer understanding of your health status!

And if your concerns are against cancers, you can always include Cancer Marker Tests inside your Health Screen Checks. I got this resource page that you can make reference to >> The Cancer Cure Foundation

What Tests Are Usually Done For Health Screen Checks

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2010 – A New Year To Start And Improve Your Financial Plans

Happy 2010!

Phew! 2009 has been a rough year for many and there are many valuable lessons that one can learn from and apply to in 2010.

And some of these which I personally feel that it’s worthy to keep in mind at all times:

  1. It’s wise to be more knowledgeable in what you are investing – nothing is safe till you know the risks involved.
  2. It’s always good to diversify – not just your investment portfolios. Big companies with many years of history may just go bust overnight so do not put all your nest eggs into just one basket. In other words, it’s okay to have the same type of insurance plan with other companies. You need it too!
  3. Not everybody will tell the truth – learn to listen and ask good questions and to put the feedbacks or answers down in writing (do verify after the writing)
  4. What “goes down in March” will “come up in August” – this is an investment lesson or experience that I have personally went through. A unit trust that went real down in March 2009 (also the time when many people choose to sell off) climbed back up in August 2009 (and it was higher than the normal times). So do not follow what other average people do, learn to differentiate and understands from within.
  5. Not all are down during the recession – many stock prices are down but not all and it’s evident in the property market (especially in Singapore) and in the prices of Gold (have you seen how it climb at the last few months of 2009). What this mean to all of us is that we need to understand how the financial market really work – relationship between various investment options like Equities, Commodities, Properties and Cash.
  6. Take good care of your health. 2009 is the year that many people are concerned about their financial health but they are unable to get the insurance that they need. Common illnesses: Hypertension, High Cholesterol and Diabetes!

So will the new year in place, have you set aside some of your resolutions to start and improve on your financial planning?

If not, how about getting some pointers and guidelines from this blog?

For Newborns And Children Starting School (Kindergarten or Primary School)

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