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Health Screening Tests Can Just Save Your Life

I was just having a conversation with two friends back in my army in-camp training and one of them had just returned back to camp after attending a family member’s funeral who just passed away due to Lung Cancer. My personal condolences!

And something that I have learned from this conversation is that my friend shared that his family member went for a health check because of a certain pain in the chest and was diagnosed with last stage of lung cancer and had only three more months…

The Concerns Against Cancers

My friend’s concerns were that he feels that cancer:

– is a sudden thing

– can happen to anyone irregardless of gender, age and health status

– is undetectable and is always the last stage at the moment of detection

– there’s no much chance of recovery once you are diagnosed

and these concerns were the same as my other friend and he added that:

– even with advanced medical technologies, it’s very hard to really detect because there are too many various forms of cancer and it’s expensive to do all of these just to have a peace of mind…

After you have read about this… what’s your personal views? Do you agree as well?

If you do have these concerns as well and you are still healthy now – it’s never too late to go for regular Health Screen Tests because these tests can just help you to have a clearer understanding of your health status!

And if your concerns are against cancers, you can always include Cancer Marker Tests inside your Health Screen Checks. I got this resource page that you can make reference to >> The Cancer Cure Foundation

What Tests Are Usually Done For Health Screen Checks

In case you are wondering what are the kind of tests available, I have compiled a small list here and is definitely not the full list – so if you are interested to know, it’s better to check with various clinics. Do remember to do comparisons as some healthcare organisations offer different health screen packages and at different prices.

Health Checks Available:

  1. Body Mass Index
  2. Vision Test
  3. Blood Pressure
  4. Full Lipid Profile
  5. Diabetes Screen
  6. Full Blood Examination
  7. Kidney Function Test
  8. Bone Study
  9. Gout Study
  10. Liver Function Test
  11. Veneral Disease
  12. Urine Examination
  13. Thyroid Function Screen
  14. Hepatitis B Screening
  15. Electro Cardiogram (ECG)
  16. Hepatitis A Screening
  17. Rheumatoid Arthritis Screen
  18. Cancer Markers Screen
  19. Pap Smear (for Ladies only)
  20. Tumor Markers
  21. Hepatitis C Screening
  22. Peptic Ulcer Disease (Hpylori Antibody)
  23. Nasopharyngeal (Nose) Cancer Screening
  24. Colon cancer (Fecal Occult Blood)
  25. HIV Screen

The Importance Behind A Regular Health Screen Check

Though doing a regular health screen check is not free, but doing it has its own sets of advantages:

  • Understand if your current lifestyle, work and diets have an impact on your health
  • Any diagnosis at the early stages will not require very advanced medical treatment and there’s definitely more room for discussions between you and your doctor
  • Some of the tests stated above can actually help you to get a clearer picture (the possibility) of what might happen to your health in the future
  • Rather than sharing your pain that you are having, you can relate to your doctor of your concerns – e.g. your family has a history for certain medical conditions therefore you can do some advance tests to give you a clearer picture of the probability of getting it and what you can do to prevent yourself from getting it at all

Lastly, the cost should not be the main cause for you not to go for your regular checks, it’s only once a year and even if your health screen check is at $365 – it’s only $1 per day and you could easily have spent this amount on a coffee or on a newspaper. But instead of these, you have used $1 to get a peace of mind and a better understanding on your current health!

If you have been holding back on going for a regular health check, I hope this can help to change your mind a little…

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