Why Some People And Their Family Just Hate Insurance

This is true! There are people who simply just hate insurance (except for car insurance because this is made compulsory). And for these people, no matter how much you persuade, how many articles, how many real life incidents you can share to showcase the importance of getting insurance… they are just not interested! I have […]

What Does It Mean When You Say No To Insurance

Have you ever wondered what does it mean to you when you decide to say No to a Financial Planner, who is doing up a financial needs analysis and at the same time recommending some insurance plans to you? The Role Of A Financial Planner Basically the role of a Financial Planner is to make […]

It’s Either You Understand ILPs Or You Don’t

Do you know what’s Investment-Linked Plans (ILPs)? Whatever the case is, this plan can either help you to make your money work real hard and make you smile or totally dry up your money (suffer a loss) and leave you cursing (at the company or the Planner). I am writing this post with great disheartening […]

You Have Bought Term But Are You Still Investing The Difference?

My colleagues and I were having a short discussion today and the topic of “Buy Term And Invest The Difference” strike us and we were asking each other the trend of most people coming to us in terms of getting a protection plan and/or a savings/investment plan. And this is what we are noticing… Buying […]

How To Reach A Million Dollars When You’re 65

Been a long while since I posted something on my personal blog. Do not know if I am jinxed or what – I had a terrible in-growth toe nail, suffered an injured wrist when my brother fell on me, my sinus is back and I am recovering from a chesty cough… Medical cost for these: […]

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