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Are You Financially Planned In 2011 And Prepared For 2012?

In just a few hours, we will be saying goodbye to Year 2011 and welcoming 2012… how are you, in the financial planning aspects?

Some Questions To Reflect Back In 2011

If you are not too sure of your current state, here’s some general questions that you can ask yourself and it’s also a good reflection of what you need to focus on in the coming 2012…

Ask yourself:

– Did your savings grow, remain the same or shrink?

– How’s your investment portfolio?

– Do you feel more ready for your Retirement?

– In terms of any unforeseen circumstances – are you prepared?

– With the weather so unpredictable, are your precious assets well protected (or well-insured)?

– In terms of educating yourself in the area of finances, have you done so?

– Your health – is it well maintained?

If you feel that there’s a big shortfall in terms of your planning for any of the above mentioned, I will always say that it’s still not too late – if you sit down, set your mind and draft out some plans to really tackle them in 2012. Likewise, with the financial planning industry gearing up (the recent regulations being that Planners would need to take up more investment credentials to better advise for their clients – it’s a good time to arrange for a discussion with your Financial Planner!

What You May Need To Pay Attention To In 2012

– Unforgiving Economy

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Work Towards A 4-Hour Lifestyle By Learning From Tim Ferriss

Have you heard about Tim Ferriss and his 4-Hour book series – The 4-Hour Workweek (this book is on better managing your life with the least efforts) and The 4-Hour Body (this book is on how to have a healthy body with the most effective methods)?

He has been one person that I have been following closely on areas of improving my lifestyle and because I have learned some much from him, I would like to share a little about him and his works in this blog post.

If you have not came across this person and his works but have been looking for means and ways to improve your life and your body, Tim Ferriss is one good person (and his works) to start learning from…

Why Learn From Tim Ferriss

Most of us are overworked employees who are working hard (in our own desired ways) to make our money work harder so that we can have a sustainable lifestyle for now and for the future.

Though most people may be contented with this kind of lifestyle, some of us wish that we can find a way out… to escape the dreaded rat race, get to enjoy 5- or even 6- figure annual income without having to really work that hard for it or even just being able to live a joyous life and at the same time the luxury to work less…

It may seems that these wishes may be hard to come by… but Tim Ferriss has successfully done so and which you can read more on how he did it and what you can do about it in his 4-Hour Workweek book (highly recommended).

A Better Lifestyle And A Healthier Body

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