Scale Back Your Debts Before You Retire – Don’t Let Debts Mar Your Golden Years

A very common assumption among people is that retirement is equivalent to being debt free. All your credit cards have zero balances, your home mortgage is paid off and you only have a car payment as you’ve got some amazing financing deal from the dealership. When you thought of retiring, a mortgage payments wasn’t certainly […]

Welcome The Year 2013 By Becoming Wealthier And Healthier

It’s the time of the year again where you and I recall what we have done wrong, what we have done well and what we could have done better… In a short moment’s time… we will be saying good bye to the year 2012 and welcoming the year 2013! As Usual… Some Questions To Ask […]

Are You Financially Planned In 2011 And Prepared For 2012?

In just a few hours, we will be saying goodbye to Year 2011 and welcoming 2012… how are you, in the financial planning aspects? Some Questions To Reflect Back In 2011 If you are not too sure of your current state, here’s some general questions that you can ask yourself and it’s also a good […]

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