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You Are Unhealthy For Your Insurance… What Happen Now? Part 2 of 2

In the last post, I have written the type of loading and exclusion you may be getting if you have health issues like Weight Problem, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol Levels. I have also written some simple guide to help you to ace (sort of…) the medical checks so that you can get the insurance coverage you need.

How are you finding it? Good? Useful?

If you have not read it, this is the link again and hope that you will find it to your benefit >> You Are Unhealthy For Your Insurance… What Happen Now? Part 1 of 2

And in this concluding post, I will be giving you a few more scenarios and also a simple guide to help ace that medical check. Enjoy…

What Happen When You Are Unhealthy For Your Insurance (Part 2 of 2)

So if you are unhealthy because you are suffering from:

Just Had An Operation

  • If you had an operation either from the head to the toe, high chances will be that your application for both your life and health insurance will be postponed till a few years later (around 5 years after your operation), and also preferably that you are fully discharged and have a good medical report to support your application.
  • This may sound unfair but insurance companies do have the right to protect their interests in any case that you can have a relapse in the near future. Their stand: It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.
  • If you need that insurance coverage badly, it would be wise to have a good medical report and personal note written by your doctor to certify your current health status and also to provide some assurance. Next step will depend on the negotiation skills of your Planner and also on the coverage amount of your application. Too high sum assured = High Chances of Rejection.


  • In our context, Gout is usually termed as a medical condition belonging to the Rich. Reason being that most of the time, those whom we have served and who have this are mostly clients who have certain level of wealth status, enjoy good and rich good (e.g. liver) and have the need to entertain others.
  • To process your insurance application, you will be required to go for a full blood test to check on your Uric Acid Level. And from your Uric Acid Level, you can roughly access your current health status as to how serious your Gout is or even the potential health risk you may be facing like Diabetes.
  • If the level is moderately high, be expected to get some loading (an average of 25% onwards) and/or some exclusion (normally to your coverage for Total and Permanent Disability). Chances of removing the loading are quite slim as there is a high percentage of getting it back.
  • To ace the medical checks, I will normally recommend a week of strict healthy diet (free from those animal internal organs and beans), exercise and plenty of fluids to help detox the body.

Growth, Lumps or Cyst

  • Do note that a normal growth, lump there and there or even a cyst can lead to some exclusion to your insurance application, e.g. exclusion of breast cancer under a Critical Illnesses if there’s any lumps or cyst (even if its benign at the moment).
  • On a lighter note will be a loading if you can produce a good medical report.
  • The practice is normal as insurance companies are worried that the growth can become cancerous anytime soon prior to any plans for removal or operation.

If Both Of Your Parents Have The Same Illness Before The Age 60

  • Even if you are perfectly healthy at the point of application, there will be a high chance of having exclusion or loading to the same illness as what your parents are having. Reason being that, there’s a certain percentage that it can heredity.
  • If your parents got the illnesses after the age of 60, insurance companies are willing to take it on the note that its due to old age.

I would like to go on with more scenarios but as you can guess it… as long as you are unhealthy, you will be either getting a loading or exclusion for your application.

And somehow, I guess at this juncture, you may be feeling that its not worthwhile to get any insurance coverage with so much limitations and exclusions. Do note that different insurance companies have different treatment against medical conditions as it depend on their risk experience.

But what I can assure you is that, as long as it’s not a direct rejection, having a certain insurance coverage approved would mean that having only to pay a rather low premium, you have an instant coverage of “many-times” of what you have just paid. It’s definitely better than having that money kept at the local bank.

Also an additional note is that if you have any intentions to not declare your health conditions (be it minor or major), you may run into risk of having your claims (if there’s any) rejected as long as the insurance company – so be Truthful!

Lastly, instead of worrying all this, how about getting your insurance coverage when you are healthy now and when you are young as well so as to save the premiums on a long term basis!

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