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Save Money While On A Holiday – Check Out AirBNB

If you are one of those who need to relax and pamper with a bit of holiday towards the end of the year but keen to save a bit of money especially from hotels – have you checked out AirBNB, an online resource for you to check out apartments to rent?

A New Concept Of Saving While Enjoying

I personally like the new concept behind AirBNB because they help most people to save (especially on expensive hotel charges or hotel meals) while still being able to enjoy the holiday.

And there are quite a number of benefits should this concept become popular as well as a norm:

1. You get to make real friends while overseas. Most of the time if you are staying in a hotel, you get to make friends with the Hotel Staffs (and it’s more of business relationship) whereas staying in an rented apartment (especially if the owner is staying there as well) – you get to create a better friendship. Should you decide to go back to the same country to re-create the same memories, you know who you can go to when you are there.

2. You get to save more of everything. The best thing about going on a holiday is the ability to enjoy lots more activities but without having to spend so much. If you are a sociable person and can make friends with anybody, especially the owner of the rented apartment, you can really get more things done and save more money. Once you know how the locals live their daily lifestyle without having to spend so much, this is one good benefit that you need to have.

A New Concept Of Supplementing Your Retirement Lifestyle With Your Own Apartment

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Why You Can Save Some Money With Daily Deal Site Like Yipit

How many Daily Deal Sites are you currently signed up with? And if you are in the US, have you check out Yipit yet?

The Concept Behind Daily Deal Sites

For some of the Coupon Sites that I have came across and mentioned in this blog, Daily Deal sites like Yipit have quite a similar concept – offering deals/coupons that you cannot miss. A coupon site may list out all available discount coupons for online shopping sites whereas a Daily Deal site will list a Special Deal of the Day, enticing you with offers that may have up to 90% off the usual price.

All in all, these sites want your money and want you to engage in some shopping, forms of pampering and de-stressing in whatever ways you want to call it!

Daily Deal Site May Help You To Save Money

Personally I do feel that Daily Deal Sites can help one to save money while still allowing one to enjoy life. I have seen many of my female clients who enjoy a weekly session of spas, massage, manicure or pedicure and they are so willing to pay so much for each session or even to pay one lump sum for a certain package.

But with the existence of Daily Deal Sites, I do see some of my female clients having a change in their spending habits – they are always in the lookout for special deals like a huge discount in a manicure or massage session and they are also less likely to sign up for packages because they know they will have some good deals coming up from one of these sites that can still allow them to enjoy their life!

Financial Planning Point Of View

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Why We Need Sites Like To Help Us Save As We Spend

Are you crazy about online shopping and thinking of getting a new Tablet to pamper yourself? Have you checked out Circuit City which seems like a good site to buy these new gadgets? And have you checked out Dealio first, where you can get some good Circuit City promo codes to bring down the purchasing price even further?

We Can’t Avoid Online (Or Any Form Of) Shopping…

With the ease of getting onto the Internet and also the ease of buying (almost) anything online, it’s a fact that we cannot avoid online shopping any longer. From the conversation that I have with some of the working clients before, it seems like majority of them will also use shopping as a form of destressing from the daily toll of working life…

And it’s hard for Financial Planners to stop them from doing so because most of them will be guilty of that action as well. As such, what we can usually do are to advise on ways to budget out their spending so that they still have enough to plan on their financial needs. Thus with the excess savings, they can just spend on doing what most like – shopping (in any form)!

The Enticement Of Online Shopping – Discounts

One good reason why online shopping is popular is because of Discounts. Many major brands have created their own online stores and will entice anyone who visits the site to join their newsletter and bombard them with numerous discounts (and they must redeem within a short time frame) through the emails.

Therefore there are times when a Want suddenly becomes a Need because of such enticement and there is a strong urge to get it before anyone else. Should the item they want be sold out, some would just try to get the alternatives through other online stores…

That’s Why We Need Online Services Like Dealio To Help Us Save Further

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