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Why You Can Save Some Money With Daily Deal Site Like Yipit

How many Daily Deal Sites are you currently signed up with? And if you are in the US, have you check out Yipit yet?

The Concept Behind Daily Deal Sites

For some of the Coupon Sites that I have came across and mentioned in this blog, Daily Deal sites like Yipit have quite a similar concept – offering deals/coupons that you cannot miss. A coupon site may list out all available discount coupons for online shopping sites whereas a Daily Deal site will list a Special Deal of the Day, enticing you with offers that may have up to 90% off the usual price.

All in all, these sites want your money and want you to engage in some shopping, forms of pampering and de-stressing in whatever ways you want to call it!

Daily Deal Site May Help You To Save Money

Personally I do feel that Daily Deal Sites can help one to save money while still allowing one to enjoy life. I have seen many of my female clients who enjoy a weekly session of spas, massage, manicure or pedicure and they are so willing to pay so much for each session or even to pay one lump sum for a certain package.

But with the existence of Daily Deal Sites, I do see some of my female clients having a change in their spending habits – they are always in the lookout for special deals like a huge discount in a manicure or massage session and they are also less likely to sign up for packages because they know they will have some good deals coming up from one of these sites that can still allow them to enjoy their life!

Financial Planning Point Of View

From a Financial Planning point of view, this is something that we feel that it’s good because it actually help someone to save a bit of money and yet being able to enjoy their favorite hobby – shopping! Though we cannot stop them from not spending at all, at least from these one or two manner, we are able to help them plan or advise slightly better because in terms of budgeting, they have a bit more to spare now!

The only advice for many of those who like the concept behind Daily Deal Sites is to spend on deals that you really need and never buy too many on impulse (thus wasting money away). It is widely known that these deals do have some form of Expiry Date (an average of 2 -3 months) which may have people wanting to buy “on the spot” because they do not want to “miss out on such good deal”… but in reality… you will never miss out on these deals because they tend to return after a short period of time – you just need to learn how to be more patient.

What I Like About Daily Deal Site – Yipit

Though this site is currently operating in the US, I do like the enhancements that they have done to their site – allowing people to choose deals that are more relevant to them and also the choice to receive deals on locations they are familiar with.

These may not be very unique features but I do feel that such features do help to prevent wastage like paying for a certain deal that I will never have any use for it or paying for a service that I will not go because it’s too far for me to get to…

In conclusion, if you like shopping but you still believe in planning for yourself, do include a few Daily Deal Sites to help you to save money today! But do remember to practise some self-control and try not to over-spend on deals that you may not need!

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